Monday, June 27, 2011

2011.06.27 Monday

Woke up before my alarm today. I kept rolling around in my sleep, not sure why my body didn't want to just rest.

Work was moderate. I received a request from Mark to write a poem "about carry". Here is goes:

The waves crash over Mary
As she carves the waves to surf
These forces of nature will carry
Her body back to turf

On the shore she looks to the sky
A bird soars with something in its bill
Is this a sign from up high
of a destiny for her to fill?

The stork swoops down low
In the cloth a young baby
Atop the head, it carries a bow
Mary's heart is filled with glee

What once was a feathered creature
Turns into mechanical bot
Storks must have a new feature
In fear, Mary blows snot

A voice comes from the 'bird'
"Your destiny, take care of this little one.
The responsibility is transferred."
Just like that, it flew off into the sun

After work I drove home separate from Habs; he took his bike home. Well actually he almost took his bike home. It ran out of gas on the way home and I helped him get some fuel and back up and running.

I ran. I decided to go earlier than normal, for some extra sun exposure. I did not expect the temperature to stay so high. It was right at the triple-digit mark, with occasional winds. The only thing I tried to do was pace myself and make sure I was getting enough air. Ended up going 3.3 miles (that is 12.6% of a marathon, yay).

Cooked some chicken and pesto-pasta. I spent some of the evening going through ancient files on my computer. A little trip down memory lane.

I had a hard time falling asleep, and no help from the TV gods on this one. Inglorious Basterds was on Showtime, The Craft was on another channel, and How It's Made was on Science Channel. Le sigh.

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