Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2011.06.06 Monday - Weezer Concert

Enjoyed a good morning of getting stuff done before work. This also included eating some of the remaining blue berry muffins which turned out awesome.

Work happened faster than usual. I went to the gym over lunch time, and didn't really focus much on each protein after. Hopefully this isn't an issue.

Post work, I tended to my usual things then left to my sister's place. On my way there, I experienced 3 notable crazy drivers. The first was a guy on a motorcycle that was wearing ski goggles, no helmet. The second was a driver that was weaving through 3+1 lanes of Mopac going 80. And the third was a driver driving at least 95 in the exit lane, but weaving in just before actually exiting. These people should not have licenses.

From there, we went downtown to Stubb's BBQ to see Weezer perform. We went to the "Blue Album" night. Tomorrow night is the "Pinkerton Album" night. The line to get in wrapped around the block, and that's after they started letting people in. By the time we actually got in, we stood around and waited, thinking that we would have to watch the opening act still. I guess we must have missed them because Weezer came out after what felt like an hour of standing in a cigarette-smoke filled sauna. They presented the first chunk of the concert as a trip backwards through time on a musical time machine. They played just about every hit from all the albums, then for good measure they threw in a cover of Paranoid Android by Radiohead.

Then they left the stage to take a break. After a while, they started up a slide show of their history, their practice garage, their van, their first shows and reviews. Then, as advertised, they played the blue album.

Overall, a good show. Lots of people were chanting for an encore. Not sure what they would play after finishing the album.

Went home.

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