Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2011.06.07 Tuesday

Welp, I'm goggy as heck today. That's what I get for having fun. Where's the coffee...

Work went by successfully. I made an exchange with Mark: a gave him a homegrown "early girl" tomato, he gave me an heirloom tomato plant. Let's see how well I can kill this one.

After work I went on some errands. Got the battery in my watch replaced finally. While that was happening, I went by Zumiez to check out the skate gear they had. Turns out they are having a skate tour coming by Austin next week. Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song, along with the rest of the Almost team will be having an exhibition, there will be music, and an amateur skate competition. Me thinks I will be taking off work for this...

Stopped by the hotel to check up on Kelc since she was working a double-shift. Things looked slightly busy, but controlled.

After that, I went for a late night run. This is the first time I have come home with my shirt being mostly wet from sweat. My pace is hovering around the 10 min per mile rate, but my distance covered is creeping up. I'll either need to start incorporating laps, or venture pretty far away from home. I should make some graph of my progress.

Fried up okra. Turns out okra is somewhat disgusting to work with; it gets really slimy. It turned out.. alright. It would have been better if all of it was fresh, but seeing as I only have one big and one small plant producing I end up having to refrigerate some of it.

Cleaned up my mess, began the winding-down process for sleep.