Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011.06.12 Sunday

Start the day off with some running. Hooray. How far this time? 1.6 miles... oh, not so great. BUT I pushed myself to run a faster pace than usual, which I hope had the effect of increasing my heart rate. It also felt weird to run on muscles that were just massaged.

Went out with the family and a few people to Benihana. It's hard to believe that my sister and mom haven't experienced this before.

Back home, I felt like taking a nap but fought the desire and continued playing CS:S. During which I finished the huge tub of "Pub Mix" that I picked up from Costco a while back. Now what will I eat?

Later in the evening, I met up with Kelc and her group of high school friends for some Vennis and Spider. Vennis is a volleyball/tennis hybrid. Spider is kind of like Marco-Polo but on a playscape. And yes, you have to close your eyes when you are 'it'. Not easy for beginners.

After that, I went over to Matt's house. We played some Mario Party (I lost every mini-game, but my team won overall) and I was able to meet his dog.

My my, it is late. Bed time.

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