Monday, June 6, 2011

2011.06.05 Sunday

Sleep cycle was segmented, but still managed to sleep in.

For breakfast (post-noon), I cooked up some blueberry muffins and scrambled eggs.

The plants are doing well. I'll have a mini bunch of tomatoes to consume soon.

I spent the afternoon playing Minecraft and listening to Radiolab. I have been working on a big chasm in Minecraft, and it's near complete. It has a fancy glass roof that is underwater.

Watched a Smallville with Kelc. She fell asleep.

I decided to go running. I ended up running a little over 3.3 miles, which means I can now run a 5k (as long as it doesn't involve large elevation changes). My pace is in between 10 and 11-min/mile, so that could use some improvement. The beginning of my run was definitely faster than the end. The last couple of stretches were hills, and even down-hill is slightly more hard than flat ground. Rather proud of myself for making progress.

Went out to Qdoba for dinner.

Home, games, sleep.

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