Monday, June 20, 2011

2011.06.18 Saturday

Woke up, didn't do much. Put together a list and went shopping for groceries. I ventured out from my normal stuff a bit. Hopefully I remember to eat all the new stuff before it goes bad.

Took care of my plants. The cayenne pepper is loving the heat, but the ghost pepper hates it. I already moved it out of full-time sun, now I might have to move it on to a side of the house to get indirect sunlight so it doesn't start to dry up again.

Played some games to kill time.

This evening is Third Coast Renegade concert. This is my first time going to a concert at Quinn's bar in Round Rock. Justin asked if I would be so kind to do some level-checking for some recording, and I accepted because that sounds like fun. What I didn't expect was to be level-checking every part of the setup. From all the microphones, there were 3 levels to be mindful of: PA system output to crowd, monitor output to band, and AUX output to the laptop that was recording. Habs showed up and did some level management and helped point out some imbalance. Overall I think we did ok. The show was good, but I'm not confident in the recording balance.

After the concert, everybody met back at the house for an after-part / birthday celebration. I was not able to stay awake for long.

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