Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2011.06.08 Wednesday - Quarter-Century Special

Slept in today. Yeah that's right, on a work day. I felt like I deserved it. (I'm also ahead on time for this week, and will be staying late, so it all evens out)

I ended up missing lunch because I thought I could get food right before the cafeteria closed; I ended up working way past closing time. Instead, a banana and a granola bar.

The start of the next super-social season has begun. This time, kickball. Why kickball again? Well it's mostly because people are more comfortable playing kickball since they likely did when they were a kid. And secondly, any other sport during summer would be just too much. Heat strokes everywhere.

For our game, we didn't do so great during the first few innings, so the other team set our deficit pretty high. We never recovered. Oh well. Maybe they will put us in a different grouping of teams when they finish the schedule.

I went straight over to Kelc's for a set of surprises. I received a really awesome birthday card, and a slew of food that will need to be eaten in the near future. We went out to Taco C instead of fixing all the food. I felt it necessary to be lazy.

I then went home, and promptly fell asleep.

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