Friday, June 10, 2011

2011.06.10 Friday

Now it really is Friday. Gotta get down.

I woke up late, as usual for my weekends. I didn't really get much done before Kelc was off of work. I cooked up an omelette for breakfast; it was ok. We packed up some goodies, then headed out to the lakehouse.

There we relaxed a bit and watched Mythbusters and How It's Made. (Both awesome shows.) Not too much later, Sam and Zach showed up. We went down to the dock to swim and have fun. Unfortunately we had no gas, so we were stuck on the dock. No tow sports today. We did some trapeze swinging though.

We exhausted ourselves, then went up to play games and eat food. We played Catan and learned a few new things. Kelc and I finally cooked up those ribeye steaks that have been marinating for a few days.

Drove back home, cleaned up and rather quickly fell asleep.

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