Thursday, June 16, 2011

2011.06.16 Thursday

Getting less sleep is starting to seem like a good thing, as long as I do the gradual wake-up.

Today should be fun. Half-day at work, then skateboarding event. At work, I dominated some code such that I didn't know what I would be doing tomorrow just yet.

Leaving work early feels like a vacation or weekend is starting. Good feeling. A quick hop skip and jump later, and I'm standing outside of Lakeline mall watching skateboarding in the heat of the summer. Very cool. The amateur competition was still impressive. One crazy thing: I recognized one of the guys in the competition as a guy that was at a skatepark at the same time as me once. (The park was rather empty, so it was easy to recognize the good skaters) Kelc showed up and enjoyed watching some too. Then we went inside to grab some chik-fil-a. After a tasty lunch, we went back out and watched the Almost and Enjoi skate teams do some exhibition, and Rodney Mullen was over in the shade signing signatures and taking pictures.

I left and took a nap at home. I didn't realize how tired I have become.

In the evening I made a quick trip over to HEB for snacks, then over to Kelc's house to watch a movie. We watched Never Let Me Go. Interesting movie, but I felt there were a few concepts that were awkward.

Back home, back to sleep.

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