Monday, June 27, 2011

2011.06.26 Sunday

Felt rather lethargic waking up today. Need coffee...

I helped Habs with a new pickling project he decided to take on. His recipe includes some jalapenos and cucumber and okra. After everything was done, it didn't actually seem that complicated. Perhaps a few more experiments will be happening in the near future.

Went out to the lake with Kelc and Kevin. Swam with Elmo and played in mud. We also took the boat out for some tubing and kneeboarding. Kelc was super close to doing a surface 360 on the kneeboard.

Back to Kelc's house to relax a bit. Played some Guess Who.

Went out to the fabulous Taco C for a late dinner. Kelc saw some old acquaintances from a previous life. Small world.

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