Monday, May 31, 2010

2010.05.28 Friday

Moving day #1.

Woke up to find some Shipley do-nuts waiting to be eaten. Thanks Lindsey. A good portion of small stuff was already gone, but things still needed to be moved and consolidated, plus stuff taken off the walls (nails, screws, curtains). In addition to moving stuff, we were cleaning. Turtle was freaking out.

After a few carloads, we started getting low on things to pack. All that was left: huge heavy couch, washing machine, dryer, futon, bookcase, beds. Good thing Josh just got off work so he can help us out.

Ended up breaking up the bookcase and throwing that away. :-( Thing was held together by crappy plastic pieces. Kelc, if you want another bookcase, I'll get you something better.

I still don't understand how we got that couch down 2.5 flights of stairs... yeah I said 2.5 because we tossed it down the last half. What!

After all that movie, I was ready to pass out. Oh wait, no we had to rush moving the large heavy stuff so we could make it to Lindsey's b-day dinner on time... what? Not exactly polite planning that out, and pushing people who are volunteering to help you.

I forgot the name of the place we went to, but it was pretty good. I wasn't even hungry because I skipped right over lunch. I had some fried pickles and a bowl of baked potato soup. I stole some of Kelc's asparagus too.

Kelc and I went back to the new place. Put together the entertainment center. It sucked, but we got that feeling of accomplishment when it was all over.

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