Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2010.05.12 Wednesday

hump, hump, hump a delphia.

I took off the word verification for comments. If I start getting spam bots, I'm turning it back on. Otherwise, feel free to comment your heart out.

Work was another one of those days that seem to drag on too long.

After work I watched a bit of Weeds, then went off to the kickball game. We ended up doing pretty well. Obviously both teams made their share of mistakes, but our score was just larger at the end of it all. There was a part of the game where the score was still close, but then we changed that. So I'm not trying to brag, just tell it like it is... my teammates started calling me MVP for all the people I was bringing home. First time up to kick, I brought home Kari and made it to 2nd base.. then the batters after me brought me home. Second time up to kick, I pushed 2 or 3 people home, while getting to 3rd base myself. I really lucked out with where I kicked the balls, and the batting order definitely help set me up to come on home.

Went out to Doc's after. Good times. Good food. Good beverages.

And that's a wrap.

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