Monday, May 3, 2010

2010.05.03 Monday

I really did not sleep well last night. I couldn't get myself into a deep sleep. I woke up before my alarm to pee, and then just laid there waiting for my alarm to go off.

Even though the day started off rough, I would have to say it ended quite well. Today was a day of achievements, milestones, and changes

First, I hit the 500-album mark. Hooray! Celebration!
Here are the stats:
Started 02/02/2010
Days passed: 90
Album Count: 500
Tracks Listened: 5794
Average Number of Tracks per Album: 11.59
Average Year Album was Released: 2000.613
Time Listened: 405hrs 2mins 33secs
Days Listened: 16.877 days
Digital Size of Music: ~44.7GB

At work, I finished a task that had been lingering in the background for a while. Felt good to knock it down.

Also went to the gym; tore up my chest muscles. It's the start of some more specific muscle focus that I'd like to try.

After work, came home and started skateboarding. Yeah that's right, Andy-Sk8in-Man. All the muscles I used to have to help me with skating have atrophied enough that I can't do much anymore, but the mind still knows what's going on. I'm going to try and keep myself riding more regularly. I feel like I don't have the agility that I used to.

After that, I made myself some rather delicious taco meat. Mmm, protein. Ate that with tortilla chips, plus some hummus and pita chips, for more nutrients and (some) protein.

Post-dinner, I picked up my guitar and learned how to play a song that I've been meaning to learn for months now. It only took me a few minutes to learn it, so I should slap myself for taking so long.

After that, I played some THPS3 for a bit, then took the extra cable box of the house to the TWC drop-off location. Takin' care of business.

I went back home, popped out the dremel tool, and started carving up some PVC for my talkbox project that has been semi-complete for a while now. I did a pretty awesome job of taking off just enough plastic so that the coupling fits snugly on the horn-driver's threads. Now the only thing left is to figure out if i want this attached to the guitar amp, or to make a standalone box. Hmm...

Played some more THPS3 and was able to beat all the goals for Tony, my primary choice character. I'm feeling more inspired to skate, and get back into it like I used to so I researched the place that I used to skate the most... Ramp Ranch. Apparently, they are moving into Austin more. Liberty Hill isn't all that populated with skaters and bmx'ers. They've also been tweeting that the park is empty on some days. That makes me sad. If they still had an old-guy's night, I would highly consider going. And if they still had the huge vert ramp, I would want to go all the time. These days, nobody wants to use the space on vert ramps. I think my legs enjoy vert a lot better.

Took a fast shower, ready for bed before midnight. Well done Andy. How long can you keep up this pace?


Unknown said...

Not to take away from your awesome day, but video game achievements shouldn't count.

Kelcey said...

I vote stand alone box