Monday, May 24, 2010

2010.05.22 Saturday

Slept a bunch lately. Nap in the evening yesterday, then slept for a good 10-12 hours after that.

Watched some Smallville and didn't do much for the first part of the day.

Travis graduated. Well, he already graduated with a degree in RTF, but now he has graduated the UT Law school. Pretty badass if I do say so myself. Afterward we got hooked up with some free chik-fil-a at his law building. Took some pictures and did all that good stuff. Everything ended up taking longer than expected, but it's not something you get to celebrate that often. Also means I had to miss out on other's celebrations and festivities; win some lose some.

After that, the plan was to head out to Trudy's for drinks and hanging out, but I was already set on other plans. I really wanted to work on some crafts, so I did. Actually, Kelc helped me out with this too. I built up a box for the horn driver, so now it looks like a wooden talkbox. Now I just need to putty the gaps, sand and paint.

Went home, cleaned up, Smallvilled and sleep.

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