Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2010.05.19 Wednesday

Didn't even notice that it's hump day until I started writing this.

Alright, so I'm just going to jot this down so it's out there and kept historically.
Short term to-do list:
- Kickball games (tonight)
- Plan out and gather materials to finish talk box
- Research more how the Gakken works
- Practice guitar more
- Keep my veggie garden growing
- Bathe car

Long term to-do list:
- Mod the Gakken
- Play/perform songs with guitar
- Finish up some music projects that have been put on hiatus
(I can think of at least 3)
- Build DIY guitar pedal
- Research more on car sound deadening
- Install after-market tweeters
- Poster art
- Listen to EVERYTHING (close to 600 albums now)

Work was alright. Not a lot I can really say about it, except that it happened.

Quick pit stop at HEB to pick up some grillin goods for the game. Ended up getting some free papa murphy's pizza. The cheese was a little dry.

Packed my crap and went to the kickball game. We won the RPS battle at the beginning, picked defense first (this is also called being the Home team, thanks Habs). So we ended up starting the game with only 9 people on field because we had some late people. No big deal. Got 2 outs pretty quickly, the third took a while. Then we were up to bat and... wtf. The other team's pitcher (mysteriously not pictured) is like a professional or something. He throws the ball with some crazy spin, and it doesn't make contact with the ground until like halfway to home plate. This also doesn't allow the ball to bounce much off the bumpy terrain. These pitches are at least 2.5x faster than anything I've ever hit.

The second time I went up to bat, I stood roughly centered and the pitcher threw one that was severely on the inside (so much that I thought it was a ball, but nope, a strike). So I scooted over and was ready for an inside or middle pitch, and he pitched far on the outside, but not enough to be a "ball" so I swung and missed. Fannnnnnntastic.

I'm not totally sure about the rules of baseball, but I thought that if you are playing at first base, and you catch the ball with your foot on the base BEFORE the runner gets there, then they are out. I did this, but pulled my foot off (after I caught the ball) because I was already stretching to catch the ball. So I'm going to admit, I was kinda falling off the base because of how far I was stretching, but I still know for a fact I made that play. This falling action made it impossible for me to throw the ball to the other base to get other another player out, so now they just got two freebies. I'll be fair about this though, and say that I got screwed over here, but later on I caught a ball at first and the ump called the kicker out even though I think they beat the ball there.

Those two things don't sound so bad. I could probably be satisfied with a game which those two things happened. But MORE than that happened. In our second-to-last inning: Michael kicked (and made it home), Molly kicked and was on third, Tyree kicked and was on second, Erin kicked an out, Kari kicked an out. If you know how to count, that is only 2 outs. TWO. Our batting order never changes during a game, and is written down clearly. The ump said we had three. Fine whatever, yeah that sucks. The part that really grinds my gears is that the other team knew they only had 2 outs on us, and said "hey guys, you messed up counting, the inning is over". Well, *middle fingers way up* to you guys. So much for being super social. A fair game is worth more to me than winning. If they are going to be that dickish about winning, maybe they are in the wrong league.

So yeah, maybe it's easy for me to complain about the other team because we lost. Sure. I'll go along with that. I'm sure that some of the teams we beat thought we were dicks when we were super happy and cheered for our team scoring and whatnot. I like to believe we were still had proper sportsmanship. I genuinely commented on various opponents for the players they had that were better than others. This team we played tonight, with the cold-blood running through their veins, actually said "You suck" to our teammates during the post-game handshaking. That right there... is completely uncalled for. There is no reason to act like that. There is no honor in that. That should show you that I'm trying to be as unbiased as I could in reviewing this game, and just completely dislike the attitude of the other team.

Sure, winning is fun. I don't care about winning. I want to have a fun, fair game in a super-social atmosphere. They stole that from me tonight.

At least we got to grill out after the game. Food+fun = MOAR FUN.

Went home, showered, mythbusters, sleep.

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