Monday, May 24, 2010

2010.05.23 Sunday

Plenty of sleep last night and also a pretty laid back morning. Lunch consisted of Boston Market. Good, but good for you? Probably not that great.

Kelc headed home around midday. I watched the mythbusters marathon. Thanks Discovery Channel for picking the correct show for a marathon.

Did some house things. We now are harboring some nice fruit flies. By nice, I mean little pieces of sh*t. I hate them so much it hurts. Once they start breeding, it's hard to stop them. What sucks more is how I have to deal with them at work too. People can be just completely disgusting and lazy, and the rest suffer. Cutting costs sucks.

I did laundry, watched the Lost series finale, and started up a project. I'm pretty happy with the project *jab jab*

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