Monday, May 17, 2010

2010.05.15 Saturday

Woke up slightly hungover. An entire bottle of wine to one body will do that.

Watched some Smallville and took it easy for most of the day. Kelc and I went out to home depot to jump start my gardening attempt. I trying my hand at some tomatoes, cayenne peppers, cilantro and jalapenos. The guy at home depot was a bit too excited to help me out, but at least he had some good advice for soil mixing.

My intentions to go grocery shopping after home depot was demolished. I'd rather get started with some transplanting.

Watched some more Smallville and took it easy.

Went to Weirdos later for a few beverages and live music. Played some washers.

Then went back home and continued fun and festivities. Paul was able to hang out too. The night was over too fast.

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