Saturday, May 8, 2010

2010.05.08 Saturday

Mmm bacon. So bad, yet so good.

I propped my car up on some ramps and dove underneath to take a peek. I want to put the plastic shield back on my car, but still retain the ability to do oil changes. The original shield has one small hole that could have been used to change the filter, but it is off center from the actual filter housing. So I dremel'd out some plastic, then put the shield back on. Guess we will see how it goes next oil change.

Met my brother at Fry's to pick up some replacement capacitors. Turns out most Samsung flat panel LCD tvs fail right about the time the warranty runs out. Surprise! The problem has been narrowed down by a lot of disgruntled consumers to a set of capacitors on a power switching board that are clearly underrated. I think they said the voltage rail is running at 12-15V but they only put on electrolytic capacitors rated at 10V, so they will rather quickly fail. I believe there is also a class-action lawsuit against Samsung for selling a faulty design without fixing it. Anyways, a quick solder session and the TV is up and running like a champ.

Went back to my place later on and played some poker whilst drinking some nice wine. I suck at poker.

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