Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2010.05.04 Tuesday

Choose day, Tuesday.

Work was more on the productive side, so the hours really flew by.

After work, I went skateboarding some more. I'm starting to get my balance back, slowly. I actually am really close to landing a varial flip, but my kickflip is all over the place.

I started doing some research into DIY stompboxes, or effects pedals, or whatever you may want to call them. They look like a lot of fun to put together and tweak, but as far as I can tell they are just as expensive as the retail pedals. That makes me question whether it is worth the time and money. This researching and internet searching naturally progressed into Gakken Mods. Time to start poking and prodding.

Ate some leftover taco meat from yesterday. Mmm protein.

Watched some United By Fate, cleaned up some music files and organized. Then called it a day.

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