Monday, May 10, 2010

2010.05.09 Sunday

Got a good session of sleeping in.

Ended up having to go back home to fix the TV again. Upon some of the repair work, we managed to forget to plug in a chunk of cable to the video board, and the infrared circuitry stopped working. A quick snap back into place and things started working like normal (minus the startup problems and pink dots everywhere like before).

Spent some time with my mom for mother's day. I took some seeds from my jalapeno plant that I got a few years back. Let's see if I can grow some more.

Also spent some time with Kelc's family. Kev is in the process of creating a graduation video. Only about a month left for him. Kelc has 2 finals and then is done. I... have no break in sight.

Taco C run, then watched Iron Man. It was ok. I'll say that it was nice that it had humor elements in it, but really it's hard for me to get excited with such a ridiculous story. And with no end in sight with the movie industry... seems like I should be disappointed for a while.

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