Friday, April 30, 2010

2010.04.30 Friday

Woke up at 6a with Kelc. I was mentally wide awake by the time she turned off the alarm. But eventually went back to sleep.

Woke back up around 10a and drive down to Shipley's Do-nuts. Mmm. After that Lindsey wanted me to go to school with her to print off some work; don't know why but I went and just goofed around.

Came back and Kelc was home from school, already sleeping. We watched some It's Always Sunny, and tv, then took a nap. After that we went over to UTA's relatively new student center / gym. I showed Kelc how to do some weight training stuff.

Josh drove his new Pontiac GTO. Pretty sweet. V8 6.0L, probably way too much power for such a small car.

Then for dinner, Pei Wei. Yum. Actually, too yum. Too full. Solution? Walk around Academy for a while and get things as desired. I looked at some tents and mountain bikes. Surprisingly, the bikes there, the 26" mountain bikes with front shocks, start right around $100 bucks. That doesn't seem too expensive, but some of these brand names I've never heard of and don't exactly trust. Plus, just about everything that could be made out of plastic, is made out of plastic.

After that, we went to some place that is just like Berry Cool; just a frozen yogurt and infinite topping place. I'll just say that I'd much rather have some Rice To Riches.

Went back home, watched some of The Office, then Smallville, then Kelc passed out. Oh well, tomorrow should be a pretty fun day.

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