Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2010.04.14 Wednesday

Andy: Humplestilskin, can I spin this day into Thursday?
Humplestilskin: Why, of course you can Andy. First off, you are awesome. Second, it's a four-day week and your hump-day dissipated in mini dust cloud that I farted out. Therefore treat this day as a Thursday because it is so.
Andy: Oh Humplestilskin, you are so great. How do you do the magic you do?
Humplestilskin: You see that crystal ball up on that shelf sitting next to a golden amulet and one of Zeus's lighting bolts?
Andy: Yeah?
Humplestilskin: Well right behind that is a digital video monitoring system and a wireless transceiver so I can watch your every move throughout the day.
Andy: ...

Went into work late today. Shifted work later as to not have dead time between work and kickball. That's right baby, Kickball has started back up. Woo Woo! Drink specials at doc's, like some bacardi rum shot and pitchers of beer. Should be a good time.

Work went at a funky slow pace. Kinda skipped lunch, but snacked throughout the day. After work, started heading out to the fields. Upon warming up, I'm pretty sure I lost my sunglasses in some area around the fields. If you find them, let me know. ... Well, the game went well. We won. Heading over to Doc's to celebrate.

Right when I got out of the car, I took a couple steps through grass and felt something give under my left foot. SonofaB. Dog shit. It was dark enough out, and the streetlights cast a shadow in such a way that I had no idea it was there. Pretty sure leaving dog shit is 1. illegal, 2. disgusting, 3. promotes diseases, and 4. ruins lives. Other than that, Doc's was fun.

Home late, sleep very much needed.

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