Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2010.04.06 Tuesday

I can pretty much guarantee that doing weight training is good for you, and doesn't necessarily mean you will have bulging muscles. I've read studies that show weight training to be as-good, or better at burning calories than cardio workouts. Also, it's pretty obvious that it is doing something when I'm tired as hell on days like today.

Did a leg workout at the gym today. Pretty darn sure that my legs were meant for running and cardio stuff more so than weight training. Every time I do standard leg workouts like lunges and squats, my legs get the feeling like they are going to cramp.

Made some Hamburger Helper for dinner. Watched part 2 of Battlestar Galactica introductory mini-series; that turned out better than expected. I'm having the dilemma if I should go ahead and dive into a new series or not. I have so many things on my plate.

Also organized some music. This is probably going to be a pretty lengthy process of organization, but I think it will prove useful in the future. I'm also worried about running out of space now. Not cool. Actually one of my hard drives isn't even connected right now. It has an older OS sitting on it with some files. I guess I could organize some and consolidate that down.


Unknown said...

I definitely recommend you go forth with BSG

AndySk8inMan said...

blue space gear?
boat show gang?
binary searching grass?

I'll have to see a few of the real episodes to see if i can survive through multiple seasons.