Monday, April 12, 2010

2010.04.12 Monday

Had to poop so bad once I got to work. I was walking with the permanent clench so nothing fell out. What is up with the body not telling you poop is coming until it's already ready to go?

Well an interesting shift in diet has occurred today. For breakfast, orange juice and white-cran-strawberry juice mixed. For morning snack, tropical dried fruit mix including bananas, some orange things, raisins and some other chunks. For "lunch" i had a strawberry-banana protein shake. For afternoon snack, granny smith apple and pickle. Then for dinner, leftovers from Pei Wei and hummus. Late night snack, a mango. So really, I had a lot of fruit (except for dinner, and "lunch"). It's almost like I jumped right into the paleo diet. We'll see how it goes.

For lunch, I went to the gym, and thus the protein shake. I did a bunch of chest and tricep workouts, and some ab and leg stuff. Once I got back to work, my arm started twitching. Very annoying. I looked it up, and supposedly muscles tend to do this after strenuous activity, and surprisingly it's even more common in the left arm. How strange.

Took a mini nap, and spent most of the evening working on music. That's right. I'm working on a pretty exciting piece. Still kinda in a funk, but I'm trying things from a new angle to see if that sparks anything.

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