Monday, April 19, 2010

2010.04.18 Sunday

With all the energy drink I had last night, you would think the hangover would have been worse, but surprisingly it wasn't that bad. Maybe it had something to do with how many vitamins are loaded into that energy drink.

We went for a quick walk and let Murray poop. Yum.

For lunch we tried to go to Hullabaloo's, but then found out we left too late and ended up going to Jimmy John's, which still rocks.

Whilst we were eating, we watched Breaking Bad. The pilot episode was actually rather awesome. Makes me curious to see how the rest of the show will pan out.

Drove back to Austin, fixed a computer, watched Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (which turned out to be better than expected, the movie moves really fast, definitely liked that), then went to Taco C for dinner. Not really the healthiest of choices, but hey I'll take a day or two off from my healthy eating. Some change is better than no change.

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