Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2010.04.20 Tuesday

A Tuesday like no other. Or is it?

Work was more exhausting than normal this morning. Guess I'm just tired from workouts and changing things up. Today was the first day trying a fish oil (omega-3) supplement. I guess we shall see how that goes. It shouldn't have that great of an effect on me, but then again, I don't really eat fish.

Today's workout was a pretty weight-intense back/bicep workout. I also managed to measure my height, 5 foot 9 baby. What's weird is that I can make myself taller if I think about stretching my spine.

After work, watched some curb, seinfeld, and cooked myself a steak. The steak turned out pretty good for being the first time cooking this way. I pan fried the beef round, and made some gravy with the leftover juices. Pretty proud of myself. *pats self on back* Now the question is... can I replicate the success with various types and thicknesses of meat?

Went over to my parent's house to deal with some 'stuff' and get ready for a weekend garage sell. I'm having a hard time really letting go of old game systems. I really grew up with that stuff, and it just feels weird letting that go. What do you think? Should I save the hardware and (try to) let my kids enjoy it? Or should I keep the stuff and maybe consider selling at a higher price since it might be collectible? Or should I try to modify the systems for other electronic projects?

Back home kinda late, still watched some curb. Definitely speeding my way through this series. :-D

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