Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2010.04.27 Tuesday

Man, what is up today. So incredibly groggy. I think my body just decided to go into hibernation mode or something.

I called up the service center about my car, and I got to talk to the technician that was assigned to my case. They will be covering the replacement as part of the warranty coverage (awesome). Now the real question is, why did this happen, and will this happen again? So far this process has been mostly painless, just a tad scary when glass is crackling above my head. It's not common that service centers will do expensive repair work without at least some hassle. I was even provided a loaner car without much hassle. I'm impressed.

Ended up going to the gym finally. Did bike, chest, tri, and abs. Tomorrow is kickball, and hopefully Thursday I get a chance to do back bi and legs.

At home, I cooked up a pizza and worked on logging more of my music listening experience. Made it to over 470 albums so far, with no slow-down expected for a while. I also played some more THPS2 and was able to 100% one of the characters. The good ol' days of gaming, where you would spend hours accomplishing tasks just to watch a 1 minute video as a reward. Nowadays, we have youtube to satisfy our video needs.

I must have spaced out because I don't remember doing much else, just showered then bed.

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