Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2010.04.28 Wednesday

Not as groggy this morning, but I also made sure to drink a bunch of water before bed, and the urge to urinate definitely helps encourage me to get out of bed.

Well work went alright. I went to the cafeteria with some coworkers which I haven't done in a while.

Stayed at work late so Hasbro and I could go straight to the fields. 5 minutes prior to departure for said fields, I get the phone call I was expecting all day; my car is done. Perfect timing. Actually joked about how great it would be if they called a few minutes before we were leaving for the game. Turns out they didn't do all the paperwork correctly, so it's a good thing I'm going to wait until tomorrow to pick it up.

So yeah, we got to the fields a bit early. But really, once it hits a certain time in the day, if I'm not in the right mental state, my productivity just plummets.

The game started off slow, and a bit shaky. We let some runs through, but we made up for it later. Also had some pretty spectacular catches on both teams. The team we played was really friendly. I think the ball we played with was throwing off both teams, as we had quite a few "walks" allowed on both teams (probably more than my entire previous seasons combined). Not the fault of the pitchers.

Went to Doc's afterward and met some more cool people. Played this "game" where there is a ring tied on a string, and you swing the ring to a hook that is on a wall. It looks easy, looks a little silly, is actually pretty difficult (and more difficult with more alcohol). We played against some girls and beat them. I like beating girls. Battle of the sexes...nobody wins, so might as well claim victory right?

Went back home and was kinda restless, so I played some THPS3 and managed to beat quite a few more goals. I don't know how this game used to be easy for me, but I'm starting to struggle on some of the harder challenges.

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