Saturday, April 3, 2010

2010.04.02 Friday

Ahhh yes, a day off. Woke up and put on Pink Floyd's Animals album on vinyl and woke up to that. I'm pretty sure that was the music playing during my dream last night. Yes it is pretty weird that I hear music when I dream, but there has been a few times when my mind has composed some amazing pieces. Unfortunately I'm not able to transpose that into real life, let alone remember much from my dreams.

Spent the morning making chicken taco soup and guacamole. The guac turned out to be amazingly creamy, hope it doesn't turn brown too fast. The soup is cooking...should also turn out rather well.

Watched Eastbound and Down. Good little mini season. Supposedly there should be a second season coming in the near future. Come on HBO.

Worked on some music *gasp*. Yeah I started to inspire myself to at least goof around with sounds, and ended up with a nice instrumentation for a song, even though I couldn't figure out what melodies I want.

Started watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, and dang, that's a pretty good show. I also worked on some artwork. Hopefully I'll be done with that soon. Will definitely post it for everyone to enjoy.

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