Monday, April 19, 2010

2010.04.17 Saturday

Late night, last night. Kelc doesn't handle traveling very well, or late nights, or expending more energy than normal.

Woke up today and grabbed a nice fruit breakfast, played with Murray some. Headed off to Lowe's for some home improvement gear. The task at hand? Take out 6 bushes, and a brick+mortar planter box out in front of the happy couple's house. The tools? A bow saw, a hatchet, a sledgehammer, a pick axe, some gloves, and a touch of elbow grease. 6 or so hours later.. we needed to add a wheelbarrow to our list of tools to haul out all the materials. At Lowe's there was a very helpful, rather cute girl working in the gardening section. She pointed us in the right direction for the right wheelbarrow to suit our needs. Unfortunately, we could not thank her enough for her assistance, although I tried.

For dinner, a magnificent four-cheese marinara sauce with bow-tie pasta, itallian sausage, toast, and a Malbec wine.

Once the drinking commenced, the music, games and hookah came out.

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