Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2010.04.21 Wednesday

Yawn. Hump. Day.

Tried to be rather productive today, but as usual there are lots of obstacles. No biggie, it's the nature of the beast.

Went home and watched more Curb and ate a snack of hummus. Then took a nap. Woke up from the nap really gross feeling and sick to my stomach. Maybe it was the hummus, or maybe it was my body's crappy way of falling asleep. Carpooled to the game.

Third base with your mom. Or at least, that's what we call it. Our second game of the season, went better than expected. The other team seemed a bit off, or out of sync for the first half, which allowed us to pull ahead. We had a guest player filling in, Mark. He did really well for his first time, and I'd like to give a shout-out/thanks for him stepping up to the plate... and kicking balls. We ended up winning, even though I managed to cause us to get outs most times I went to kick. On another bummer note, the pitcher on the other team walked Justin, and pushed Molly home, but the ref didn't count that run. What.The.Deuce. That was Molly's first run too; so proud of her. That pitcher on the other team was quite an interesting player though. I'm going to go ahead and say he was one of the best players I have ever seen in super social kickball. He totally plays strategy and knows how to pitch and trick people. And to top that off, he's an older gentleman, not some sporty teeny bopper. Crazy. In other news, we've definitely created a pretty close knit group, while at the same time we are open and have fun with new people. Great times.

Went home, watched a little more curb, ate some late dinner. Dinner was broccoli and bacon-popcorn, plus some hummus later. Tomorrow should be better.

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