Monday, April 26, 2010

2010.04.26 Monday

Woke up with energy. Sets a good mood for the day, a nice change.

Kinda skipped out on lunch today. Woops. Also got busy talking with coworkers, so no gym. Woops 2.0

Got home and finished the last few episodes of Curb. Feels so good to be done with something. I'm actually pretty well satisfied with the end of the 7th season. It really feels like closure and well done. That makes me worried that the 8th season they are signed-on for will bomb, but then again it's HBO, and they wouldn't put something on unless they think it will make customers happy. At least, that's what I think...

Played some THPS2 and was almost able to beat the game without cheats. I say almost because I ended up turning on slow motion so I could land tricks at the high speed my character was going.

Now what do I do? Oh yeah, I had been working on music... it's been a while. I could also jump into hyperspace with BSG. For now, sleep.

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