Monday, December 20, 2010

2010.12.20 Monday

Woke up on time for work today, but had a splitting headache. I took an advil and hopped in the shower thinking that would help the medicine get into my bloodstream faster. Nope. Got out of the shower, dried off and hopped back into bed. Need to start today over...

I ended up dreaming some really random stuff. I remember discovering a rather large terrarium, only this one had many walls and divisions in it. The purpose of the divisions was to separate the various creatures. There were bugs, critters, mice, snakes... just about anything that could be contained. Well somehow the divisions started falling down, and everything started eating each other. I started freaking out and yelling for help, but nobody came. Then I woke up. Time for work.

Work went by slow and fast at the same time. For lunch I had a grilled cheese with bacon. The lunch lady is starting to recognize my patterns of diet. Gotta throw in some curveballs.

Once at home, I made a dinner consisting of green beans and tortelini. Then left to run errands with Kelc. I can't go into too many details about where I shopped, until after Saturday.

Back home, looked up some more info about the potential lunar eclipse tonight. Not sure if I should try to wake up and see it.

In other news, Minecraft is now out of Alpha.. in Beta. As promised, I will continue to get updates until the game is complete. New players that purchase in Beta will get updates until final release.. but not the final. Early adopter FTW.

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