Monday, December 20, 2010

2010.12.19 Sunday

Good morning. Time to wake up. We need to pack up most of kelc's bulk items into her dad's vehicle so they can begin the drive back to Austin.

We packed up a lot of the big stuff, then said our goodbye's to family as they left to go home.

For lunch we went over to Sweet Tomatoes. Salad, soups, breads, pizza. After that, we went back to Kelc's, and said our goodbye's to Ray and Marisa. After that, Kelc and I went to Plucker's to watch the Steelers game. It really doesn't feel like Sunday already. Even though we just went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch, I ended up eating 2 baskets of chips, 3 fried pickles, 10 wings and a few celery sticks.

Back home, we were too full, but still had to pack and prepare for the drive home. Considering how small both of our cars are, we fit quite a bit. Only two things we left behind, a bed frame and a microwave.

The drive home was uneventful. I listened to various albums, sang to a good chunk of songs so my voice is probably going to be a little scratchy tomorrow.

In bed by...2 ish.

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