Friday, December 17, 2010

2010.12.16 Thursday

Thor's day. Work is really starting to wind down. People are discussing vacations and holiday plans. Work ethic is shot.

Over lunch, a group of the guys went out to play some flag football. We only had enough for 3v3, but it was still fun. The cool air was making my throat close up some.

After work, I got to work on my dish for tomorrow's potluck at work. This year it's all about chocolate covered bacon, so of course I had to share the stuff with work people. I cooked up just under 2 pounds of bacon, half was hickory smoked, half was regular. S.o.a.B. I have burns on my hands and neck from oil splash. Damn you hickory smoked bacon.

I ate random stuff I had in the pantry, and played some minecraft. The house is quiet this evening. *yawn* it's only 8:30 and I'm ready to sleep. Unfortunately, I still have to finish the chocolate part of the dish.

Watched some of the office and delicately hand-covered the pieces, then topped it off with some sprinkles.

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