Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2010.12.15 Wednesday

The sun seems to be rising later and later in the day. Winter solstice.. please hurry up. I also slept in later than normal, so I had a delayed start to my day. Cool.

Work was more documents and meetings.

Popped into Too Hotties for a haircut. I really was hoping to get it cut yesterday, so I would have extra time this evening, but they were pretty busy. Instead, I got a really good haircut by a new hairdresser. She was really nice, and we chit-chatted about H-town and ATX.

So I did one thing that really made me feel like an engineer: started to change my oil at 9:30p at night. Yeah, pretty crazy I know. Considering how the wind was gusty, I was able to stay relatively clean and not spill much. It seemed like my car was at the full marker with only 4 quarts (instead of the prescribed 4.25 quarts). I'll have to check on this later.

Cleaned myself up, and off to bed.


Unknown said...

Did you run the engine after completing the oil change? It takes the oil pump running to get oil into the filter. The filter probably holds a quarter of a quart. Just saying.

AndySk8inMan said...

Yeah I let the engine idle for about 3 or 4 minutes to get stuff flowing. I even took it for a spin to see if the variable RPMs would produce any leaking.

The level stayed just fine. I'd rather trust a dipstick than a plastic jug.