Monday, December 13, 2010

2010.12.11 Saturday

Woke up and took a shower. The morning didn't have anything pertinent happening, so everybody had a rather leisurely mood. Drank some coffee and had toast for breakfast.

Packed up our stuff and headed out to explore some of the campus in the daylight. Michigan has been spending most of the week setting up for a hockey game against their rivals, Michigan State. This event, even in the middle of winter, was drawing fans from all over. Even in morning, people were tailgating and selling their front yards as parking space.

Little did we know, this hockey game would set the new record attendance at the stadium.

Off we went to the airport. Dropped off the rental car, grabbed our bags and bussed over to the terminal. We checked out bags without an issue, but once we saw the security line, we started to wonder if we should have skipped that part. The security line was taking an abnormal amount of time... until you studied what was going on. They had to x-ray machines for bags and belongings, one metal detector, and one infamous body scanner machine, and about 12 TSA agents that hardly looked busy. You could easily feel the frustration in the room; people were needing to get to their flights and not deal with this invasion of privacy. Well, we were getting really close to our flight time by the time I got near the front of the line, so as you might have guessed by now... I went through a body scanner. Yep. I did it. It is done. My NAKED BODY is on a computer somewhere. I really hope they liked looking at my junk, although it probably wasn't as big as it normally is (I SWEAR IT WAS COLD IN DETROIT). Looking back at the experience, I'm kinda disappointed that my first digital nude was that. I could have done something a lot more epic for my first naked picture. Instead, it was an image of me (figuratively) bending over and taking it from TSA. So turns out that 3 out of the 4 of us went through the body scanners. Yeah that's a whopping 75% scan rate. It was my understanding that the body scanners are supposed to be used if the metal detectors aren't functioning, or picking up something that may be questionable.


Arrived at the gate, everybody already boarded the plane. We squeezed on before the shut the doors. First class back to Dallas, on a 2.5 hour flight. Yessss. Chicken sandwich, caesar vinaigrette salad, pita chips and cheese dip. Also, warm nuts and a cranberry cookie. Room to recline your chair and stretch your legs. Yessss.

In Dallas, bussed out to Kelc's car, then to her apartment. Spent some time around there, then went to the mall to kill some time. Ate a quick bite, then off to Lindsey's dance show.

The UTA Dance Ensemble puts on a show at the end of every semester. This year's show was titled Nuts 'n' Bolts, Rock 'n' Roll. Some of the dances made no sense, others were high entertainment, others more mature and skillful.

After that, we went out to Pappasito's Cantina. I ate a ton of queso, ruined my dinner, but hey leftovers are good too. I saw what appeared to be a group of females at a table, looked like they were a dance team or gymnastics team, but no adults. Weird that they all looked a little young to be there without a way to drive.

Went back to the apartment. Quickly fell asleep again.

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