Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2010.12.08 Wednesday

Today is a special day to me. Why is today special? Well for one, it is my half-birthday. Yeah I know that most people don't care at all about half-birthdays. There have been a handful of pivotal moments in my past that occurred around the time of my half-birthday, so I consider this time special. It's not really about "feeling older" but just a state-of-mind shift.

An extended work day went by sorta quickly. I started getting pretty restless by the end.

At home, I didn't really bother to do much. I had some leftovers for dinner, watched Mythbusters, and played Minecraft. So about Mythbusters, President Obama appeared as a guest to personally ask for a myth to be revisited. I feel like they made a huge deal about the 10 seconds he appeared, and then opponents of Obama will say how unprofessional it is for him to appear on a TV show. I personally feel like the US in general needs to be more excited about math and sciences. There is a lot of misinformation/sly-marketing out there that people abuse on misinformed consumers. Anything for a quick buck, right?

I spent the majority of the evening playing Minecraft while multitasking in other things. I actually kicked up the amount I'm playing lately to try and finish a project. I'm about 70% done building a rather large "machine" that will help me acquire materials that aren't as common. I hope it works when I'm done *crosses fingers*. After that, I only have a few mindless tasks going on around the world, so I may stop spending so much time with it.

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