Monday, December 20, 2010

2010.12.18 Saturday

Woke up mid morning. Air mattresses are not the most comfortable things in the world.

Today we had an agenda, and we didn't really have many options to the day. So the day started off with mostly waiting. Extended and direct family was on their way from ATX to meet us for lunch.

For out late lunch, Candlelight Inn in Arlington. Really close to the new Cowboy's stadium. This place has been around for something like 50 years. Pretty impressive. The food was pretty good for the price. They also had a charcoal grill. Very cool.

After the meal, we went back to Kelc's to get changed and take some pictures before the ceremony. The ceremony was in the same building as the nutcracker play we went to just a handful of days ago. So I keep calling it a ceremony because this event was quite a bit more dressy than most graduations. One thing to note was the jazz band and singer that were playing prior to the ceremony when all the parents are waiting. The presenters insisted on reminding everybody to be considerate of others and the length of celebration, and that any noisemaker of any kind will be grounds for dismissal from the ceremony. The college of liberal arts split up their schools between ceremonies since there are so many people. Once Kelc's name was called, the entire family celebrated. I feel like she was more focused on walking than listening to us.

The ceremony ended, but finding Kelc was rather difficult. Everybody was being forced into a small area at the exit. Eventually we found her and left. Back at the apartment, Ray and Marisa had been waiting patiently (unfortunately we didn't have enough tickets to bring everybody, but it was probably better that they had some free time). They got Kelc a gift card and balloons to celebrate the occasion.

From there, we piled into a car and went over to hotel Nylo, a New York styled loft-room simulation with modern decorations. We had a few drinks at the bar, then left. Stopped by Wendy's on the way home for a late-night snack. We saw a homeless man run into the bushes from the drive-thru, weird.

Back home, listened to some music, watched some youtube videos, ate food, and then started Toy Story 3. I couldn't stay awake for very long.

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