Saturday, November 1, 2008

2008.10.31 Friday

Wow, Halloween already come and gone. There were a ton of kids going around my neighborhood, but they ended up stopping trick-or-treating by like 8:30pm. If I had gone, I would probably have gone till at least 10pm. Such babies. It's all about the candy and the fear of night.

After school (which was mostly uneventful), Kelc and I went to get some Rudy's for dinner. Then we stopped by Hollywood Video and got 5 movies that were being sold for 4 bucks each. I guess DVDs are being thrown out for the new format of the US...Blu-Ray. Funny how everybody though Blu-Ray was going to be a failure along the PS3. Anyways, I think buying those for 4 was a better deal than renting the movies. Last time I rented two movies, it was around 7 bucks. What a waste since I only had them for 5 days.

We watched Elizabethtown, which I know is one of Rudy's favorite movies. I noticed all the music, and a good chunk of lines from all the times he would be watching it while I would be doing homework. Pretty decent movie. The story isn't too involved, so you can just sit back and enjoy the dialog.

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