Monday, November 10, 2008

2008.11.09 Sunday

Kelc and I woke up and sat around for a bit, then headed off to see her little sis working at Starbucks. Mmm coffee. Then we walked around Target and picked up a nice charger kit for her Zune, and found an amazing child's piano toy but didn't buy it. A lady almost ran us over with her cart (that had a kid in it), but at least said "Sorry, potty emergency".

After that, we went back home to toss the football around for a bit and play with her dog. Then we went to my house to watch some more football and I edited her paper. The Steelers came on, so we went over to her house to watch it with her family.

Later on, we went back to my house, watched some late night football, straightened hair, watched the office, then went to bed. Gonna be a long drive in the morning :-\

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Kelcey said...

wonderful blogging lately
I'm just going to defer my fans to your blog for the past week or so