Thursday, November 20, 2008

2008.11.20 Thursday

Interesting turn of events. Woke up late courtesy of the snooze button. Somehow I was ready to go in 10 mins and shot out the door.

Work was alright. I still was not able to resolve the issues I was having with the software I'm working with. There's still one missing piece to this puzzle, and it shall soon be mine.

I spoke to Chris on the phone, congratulations on making it into the music program. Matt also texted me, congratulations to him on getting accepted to graduate school. To celebrate, I made myself some tortellini and chowed down. (Meal ended up providing roughly 1200 calories, 130g of carbs, 30g of fat, and 32g of protein)

Since then, I've been cracking down on homework. The homework assignments are severely unfair to those who have had no quality 313 background, and some matlab background.


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