Wednesday, November 5, 2008

2008.11.04 Tuesday

Woke up bright and early for work today. It didn't feel too bad to wake up that early since daylight savings occurred over the weekend.

At work, I got a good chunk of work done. Andy and I went out to lunch at some hole-in-the-wall mexican place, delicious and not that expensive. Greasy food made me sluggish and tired afterwards. I stayed late and cranked out a bit more work since I will not be there Thursday.

I sped home and then went to go vote. Yay voting. Actually, I kinda hate how everybody gets all excited and proclaims "let your voice be heard, go out and vote" but if everybody voted, then it would just show how conflicting everybody's view is. I think the real solution here is to change how people deal with winning or losing.

So Obama won. Excellent. I was not an Obama supporter, but I am a supporter now. The real goal for people should be to get excited about politics and encourage debates, not complain about how bad a politician may be. Let's get excited about the next 4 years, no matter who you were originally supporting.


racerj said...

fuckin hippie

Kelcey said...

"I was not an Obama supporter, but I am a supporter now."

if only everyone felt this way