Monday, November 24, 2008

2008.11.22 Saturday

The day was half gone by the time Kelc and I woke up. The remodeling in my bathroom that my dad warned me about being noisy was already complete.

I sat around and watched some football, then played Ace Combat, Geometry Wars, and Hexic. Hexic has a few modes, and one of them was too freaking long. I think it was survival mode, but you should try them out and see what I mean.

Later we went over to Kelc's to work on homework/take-home-exams. I actually made a good chunk of progress on my take home exam, but there is still a good chunk of stuff that I don't understand; essentially I just did the easy stuff. We took a break to pick up some Rudy's BBQ for Kelc's-Mom's Birthday; Happy Birthday Sharon. We then ate the food and watched the OU vs Texas Tech game.

Is there a doctor in the house? Texas Tech needs to go into surgery, because they got TORE UP.

Later, I went looking at some apartments that I was hoping to move into, and then ran into some more buddies I knew. Happy Birthday Habibi. Go get some fresh air.

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