Monday, November 24, 2008

2008.11.23 Sunday

Another week has begun. At least Sunday has football on all day. I really will be depressed once football season is over.

Kelc and I spent the night at my house again. Quite unusual. My pops made some chili, that of which we consumed quite happily. Then we headed over to Kelc's. There we watched some TV and football. Eventually, Kelc started reading a book that she has been working on the past week or so. Apparently, the book was banned from libraries at some point. It talks about a boy having wet dreams and his friend stealing all the time. I played some GH2 and made some snowflakes.

I worked on my take-home-exam some too... bleh.

Later on, we took Kip out for a walk and played some baskteball. Then went out to Bennigan's for some delicious foods. Kelc practiced a presentation in front of me that she will be giving tomorrow (good luck babe). We got caught up with The Office and not too long after, we called it a night.

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