Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2008.11.25 Tuesday

I woke up this morning to some dude ringing the doorbell every couple of minutes. First thing he said was "err uhh uhh ummmmm uhh uh do you speak Spanish?" Sorry buddy, I took French in high school. I was told more places in the world speak French anyways. Could be wrong, but I still feel like French is a prettier language than Spanish (and yes, I just said prettier). When I think of Spanish speaking, I think of those raunchy soap-operas on telemundo and the like.

Anyways, the guy was trying to do some grout work in my bathroom. My dad has been remodeling and updating my bathroom so that sorta made sense. I called up my dad, and the guy was supposed to have come yesterday... and my dad already did his work for him... goodbye dude.

I spent the day working mostly on one problem of that take-home exam, and finishing up the code to that lab.

I made a grilled-turkey sandwich. It was just like a grilled cheese sandwich, but had turkey instead of cheese. There should be a name for that; it was pretty good. Whenever I say "grilled-turkey", it sounds like the turkey is what is getting grilled, but it's really just the bread.

I did some tasks around the house, and cleaned up my room some. Kelc tried to sneak up on me, but I caught on to her game. She's home for the holidays, and I get to go to school tomorrow.

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