Monday, November 17, 2008

2008.11.14 Friday

Fun day for school. Two HW assignments due, both nearly impossible to complete 100% given the lack of information given. Oh well, it will feel good to just turn them in and stop caring. I'm almost done with college... *sigh*

I drove up to Arlington. Joshy, Kelc and I went to Q-doba (Cordoba?) to get some yummy burritos. I like how they have the options of steak and shreded beef, and also queso as a topping. I still 'chickened' out and didn't get the queso, but next time for sure.

We met up with Lindsey and headed to the movie theaters to see Changeling. I like how the trailers and the synopsis on various websites made the movie seem like it was about something else completely. About an hour and half into the movie, it felt like things were about to end, but NO... the movie was about 2.5 hours long. I guess that is one way to justify the $9.50 tickets (ouch).

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