Monday, November 17, 2008

2008.11.16 Sunday

Shipley's? FOR BREAKFAST!??!? Hellz yea. I got a strawberry-iced and a orange-iced and a chocolate milk. Breakfast of champions.

We spent most of the day just watching football and catching up on school work. Snacked on goldfish until...

Went to Chicken Express for late lunch/dinner. Sarah was actually the mastermind behind dinner. I could not pick anything; everything sounded good, and everything sounded not-good at the same time. After the meal, we headed over to Fayrouz to hookah. Fun! I found out that I really enjoy not even thinking about the week that is coming up, or school in general on Sunday evenings. It was most definitely the best way to deal with the end of the weekend.

When we got back home, Kelc and I realized all the school work that we managed to avoid by going out... whoops. Oh well. Let's see how this week unravels.

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