Monday, November 24, 2008

2008.11.21 Friday

Finishing up the week... multiple assignments due. Funtastic. Acoustics isn't that bad, DSP is that bad. Oh well, partial credit is your friend.

Kelc came into town today. I set up the XB360 in my room on my 1080p TV to check out how everything looks and performs. I feel like my TV doesn't have that 'lag' like most other LCD TVs do, and I have audio being sent over optical to my speaker system, which is awesome.

Kelc and I went out to TacoC after other dinner plans kinda dissolved. Later we headed out to a party and caught up with some friends. Happy birthday Chris. I'd like to go ahead and take some credit for Ray, Kelc, some girl, and I for keeping that fire going for most of the night. The Boy Scout in me wanted to keep that going. Took Chad home, and went to my house to slumber. Once we got home, we noticed how our clothes smelt like campfire... sweet.

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