Monday, November 3, 2008

2008.11.01 Saturday

Woke up late today. Felt good to finally get some continuous hours of sleep. Kelc and I parted ways; she went to watch the leander various cheer and dance squads perform at LHS. I went home and watched some football games and dealt with my phone ringing at inopportune times. Lunch consisted of a frozen pizza that I didn't cook quite long enough, but oh well, I was starving.

Later Kelc and I went over to Justin/Habibi/Travis's and watched the football game. Texas's had a rather disappointing first half offensively and defensively. Second half was better offensively, but the defense just didn't not pick up their game very well. Mistakes happened all over the game, and frankly, it was about time Texas showed that we are not flawless. I could go and on about "if only..." but it doesn't matter anymore. We played a good game. I'm still proud of the team. Texas Tech played a great game and kept us on edge the entire time. At least it's nice that we were beat by somebody in the top 10 and not someone ranked much lower.

Later, everybody met up at the yellow-house party. I had a fantastic time. Katie really could have killed somebody, Justin was a rock star, Habibi was about to take flight, Travis was doing ollies over everybody, Ray was the scariest comedian, Taylor was a creep rocker, Marisa was animated, Andrea was from a different country, and Kelc was the little devil she really is. Oh and I was able to drink away the concerns of a loss.

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